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Something about me

I'm Flavia, an Italian photographer living in South East France, in the countryside. Born and raised in Rome, I left Italy in 2014 to living aboard and discovering a new country. I'm completely fond of nature but in still remaing a big city girl. 

I studied History of Fine Arts in Rome and Foreign Language and Literature in France. I learnt French by myself so sometimes I speak a weird mix between English, French and Italian.

I have been passionated by photography since my teens, I started shooting with my father's Olympus. After school I wokerd as photographer assistant. I learnt a lot about this job and in 2016 I decide to be a freelance photographer. My love for traveling give to me a huge need to wander, to discover countries, cultures and people.

If I'm not spending time traveling or wandering around with my camera, I'm shooting still life. I'm inspired by natural lights and painters like Caravaggio and Rembrandt.

I'm coffe freak and tea lover, I can't imagine my life without a cup of something in my hands.